Events Management, Catering Services & Ready Pots Of Food

Events Management

Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place beautiful, we do both.

Why not let us bother about the details of your next event while you rest easy, confident that the best hands in the industry have got you covered?

Did you know that guests may not notice the work of an event manager at a well-planned event, but they would notice the lack of planning at a chaotic one? At Belle Foods & Events, we work with clients and vendors (DJ, MC, Live Band, Dance Crew, Ushers, Waiters, Event Centres etc) to arrive at the most practicable budget, schedules and tastes, so as to create the best possible events for you, our esteemed clients.

We ensure that every detail is ironed out before the event and on the day of the event, we will be on ground to run the event and handle any unforeseeable issues that may arise, most times, before they even come up.

Following the event, our team will wrap up while you are gone. In simpler terms, we shoulder the worries on your behalf. At Belle Foods & Events, you are in good hands.

Events We Manage

Some of the events we manage include but are not restricted in any way to the following: 

  • weddings
  • Engagement Parties
  • Birthday Parties
  • Bridal Showers
  • Baby Showers
  • Thanksgiving
  • Picnics & Camping
  • General Celebrations

No matter the size of your event; whether big or small, we undertake to make it stand out. We achieve this by attaching the same level of professionalism to any job we headline. Our belief is that there are no small parties. We give you events tailored to meet your budget but that exceeds your expectations. Don't waste any minute, fill in the form below let's begin.

By the way, have you tasted our party Jollof rice?

Belle Catering

Have a small getogether, picnic or a really small impromptu celebration? Do you want to through a really flash surprise birthday birthday for that special someone or a colleague? We can make it worth the while. Why not order a Cooler Box of any of your favourite dishes on our store? We can actually deliver any food box of your choice to your location in just about 240 Minutes.

So, what are you waiting for? Order here and we will be right on time for your lunch break. Want it after work in the evening? We are at your service anyday, anytime.

Have something different in mind? Contact us right below and we promise to get back to you as soon as possible so we could discuss it further.

I ask again, have you tasted this our party Jollof rice? 

Belle Food Pots

Oftentimes than not, you get home from work tired. You must have spent inordinate amount of time in the mad traffic. Now you are really really hungry. It is properly late already to drive the distance to your favourite bukka for that meal of Egusi, Nsala, Ogbono, Okro, Vegetable soup etc. You must really miss momma's cuisines. Oh mothers, what could we have done without them. The dishes always taste different. Very familiar taste. It is as if momma's dishes knows every corner of our mouth, tongue and belle by heart (no pun intended, assuming foods have got hearts too). Bottom line, no food in the freezer.

At other times, it is a thing of principle that we hate eating out. Whatever be the case, we have it sorted out.

Are you a bachelor, a busy wife/mother, a husband/father staying in a different location from family due to work or any engagement or there is this one meal that you crave but don't know how to make, or you simply want to have good food lying in the freezer (you never know when guests or hunger might come calling unannounced), well, the excuse that you don't know how to cook is no longer tenable. This is because you can now command us to make you a fresh hot (frozen up if you like) pot of whatever dish you could think of. Be it soup, stew, soup, porridge, rice, vegetable yam etc, we are yours to command, at a very reasonable price of course. 

warning: Our food pots are not cheap. They are not expensive either. The good news however is that our food pots are affordable and are worth every kobo "invested".

Head over here to order any delicious pot of food of your choice. Can't find your favourite dish? Well, fill the form below and tell us exactly what you want, how you want it, where you want it and when you want it. Our dedicated and highly trained kitchen crew are on standby to deliver your pot of food (just the way momma makes it) to your location in 240 Minutes or less.

In the alternative, feel free to call, text or chat us on whatsapp at 08068528091.

For starters, have you tasted this nsala soup?

Pamper your Belle.